What is Seele?

The journey...

What started off as encouraging Friday texts in 2013 to Ally’s closest friends, morphed into a Friday blog 2 years later. And nowSeele is something more than just for one day a week.

Focusing on faith, cultures and people, Seele has transitioned from a blog to an online magazine with a readership in 80 countries, mostly who come from the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany.


  • Seele bridges faith, culture, and candid interviews through weekly Friday Posts, Intimate Portrait Interviews, Guest Posts, Lifestyle Tips, and Features.


  • Through faith fueled Friday posts, Seele provides answers for the challenges of life, and allows readers to delve into topics related to the Christian faith.


  • Seele has a straightforward edge that propels men and women to pursue their dreams through inspiring intimate portrait interviews from entrepreneurs, evangelists, reporters, those who work in the nonprofit sectors, those involved in entertainment, leading women, inspiring men, humanitarians, and activists.


  • Seele, through cultural experiences in traveling or events, offers a wider view of a large world but small world, through the lens of engaging Features and Guest Posts.

Media Kit

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