The Germans have a unique term called: kopfkino. Kopf = Head, Kino= Cinema According to Urban Dictionary, Kopfkino is “when you involuntarily use your imagination to think of troubling or disgusting things in graphic detail.” Basically, it's when you let your imagination run wild.

Our minds are the control tower of our lives. Whatever happens in our lives starts in our heads. And while we can’t control a thought that comes into our minds, we can either resolve to stop it OR let the thought play out in our minds.

When we allow kopfkino to run its course, we allow ourselves to fantasize and hope for something that’s not a reality. Oftentimes our fantasies expose what’s in our hearts- our desires that we hope will turn into reality. There's nothing wrong with having desires. But, when we allow the cinema in our heads to run rampant, we might act on those fantasies, which can bring stress, make us look like fools, we distance ourselves from God: we are in reality not resolving to go to God for wisdom, and or we can become unhappy because of an unmet desire.

I think of the many young people that desire to be in a relationship, so they text someone they like too much and read into every little thing that the person they like does, hoping for a relationship. And they end up looking foolish and a little crazy.  Girls often do this: they chase guys, they text guys too much- they’re too easy. And it’s due to kopfkino. (Girls! Stop chasing guys! They talk about your actions. Let them chase you.)

I just can’t get enough of the wisdom of King Solomon:

As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he. –Proverbs 23:7

Another negative aspect of kopfkino is that it can lead to self-made problems. Where we are in life is either a result of poor thinking and acting on it, or positive thinking and acting on it. To do the latter, we must:

1.)   Resolve to control our thinking by stopping a kopfkino scenario from taking control of our thinking and hearts, and do as the Apostle Paul states in 2 Corinthians 10:5- “hold every thought captive.”

The enemy doesn't take coffee breaks; he is constantly trying to trip up our thinking to act without seeking God. Don’t let Him fool you. And don’t act on a feeling or desire to where it will make you look like a fool to others; or, where you put yourself in a place where you will suffer for years because of a self made problem from kopfkino.

2.)   Understand your relationship with Jesus Christ. When one becomes a Christian, he or she is a new creation (2 Corinthians 5:17). For the believer, you have the spirit of God living in you, and so, you can control your thinking and kopfkinos. Pray for the Holy Sprit to help you when the thinking reel starts moving in your mind.

3.) Don’t live with what ifs and regrets: If you have a question, ask it. If there is something you need to ask, ask it! Don’t let kopfkino happen because of poor communication or fear of it, between you and another person. Say what you need to say.

4.)  Sometimes kopfkino can keep you from living your dream. This is my mantra: I hate regrets, so if I have a dream, I go for it! When the idea for a dream comes, the kopfkino of assessing if whether you should go for it or not will come, but after the film ends, go for it! But, pray first and seek God before going for it. Don’t be afraid to take risks, especially risks for Jesus. “A man with a savior is willing to take risk.” –Judah Smith He risked it all when he died for you, so go for it.

“Stop thinking, and end your problems.” ― Lao Tzu

Happy Friday! Warmly, Ally

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