A Few Questions for Alvin Allokendek

Alvin is one of those quiet but warm souls, whose friendly and genuine character just oozes out as he smiles and welcomes people. He’s from an archipelago nation of thousands of islands that God has made my heart sensitive to caring about these past few years, and that also happens to have the largest Muslim population in the world- Indonesia. And while first impressions aren’t always everything, they do mean something.

My first impression upon meeting him was, “wow, this is a cool friendly guy that God has blessed abundantly to learn how to play musical instruments with ease- and for God’s ultimate glory!” Alvin makes it a point to welcome new people to his church, as he did for me when I first visited.

His name comes from the English Medieval era, which means “noble friend,” and in observing him I think it’s quite a fitting name. I admire his talent with musical instruments and that he semi taught himself how to play the guitar with little instruction and YouTube videos. He’s a part of an equally talented worship band at his church, and they are really good- no joke! This is a dedicated semi-self taught musician in his own words:

Seele Magazine: How old are you?

Alvin Allokendek: Now I'm 22 Years Old, but in September I will turn 23.

SM: Where are you from?

AA: I'm from Indonesia.

SM: The name Alvin means “noble friend.” What does the word friend mean to you?

AA: Yes, that is the meaning of my name and that is the reason why my parents gave me that name to me, a "noble friend". Friendship is God’s grace in our lives.

I believe that we cannot live alone in this world. Humans are interdependent. We need each other to share and receive God’s LOVE. God gives me friends, so I can share LOVE with them. Because being a Christian is love, and love is giving.

SM: I heard from someone that you taught yourself how to play the guitar. Is that true?

AA:  Actually I was taking Classic Guitar course for about 3 months, and then I taught myself to play guitar. I’ve seen many tutorials on YouTube, which has really helped me. But now, I prefer the Bass Guitar as my instrument. I learned how to play Bass Guitar from YouTube and especially from the music team in my church. I'm very blessed that God has given me an opportunity to grow my talent in the church. We support each other on the music team, and we grow our talent together to serve God.

SM: You're on GBI's worship team- did you feel God calling you to music ministry?

AA: Actually, I learned how to play the guitar when I was in high school. At the time I didn't know anything about ministry. I was a born again Christian, but at the time I didn't live my life as a real Christian. God amazed me as I started attending my church in Berlin. In the church I learned how to worship and praise Him, and that motivates me to develop the talent that God has given to me.

SM: What are your dreams?

AA: My dream is to be a Christian businessman, and to share love and care for the people who need it.

SM: When you hear the name Jesus what comes to mind?

AA: He is my best friend (smile emoticon) and my hope.