Out of Zambia, Angela Chota-Pieczak answers questions on Faith, Women, and Germany

The name Angela means “messenger of God” or “angel.” It’s amazing how God puts certain people in our lives to encourage us, care for us, and hold us accountable for righteous living.

Angela Chota-Pieczak embodies all of these actions. And, she embodies the strength of a woman to work through life’s challenges, to do many important roles that God has called her to do: to be a Godly wife, mother, worker, and friend.

She's admirable in that she moved to Germany, applied herself to learn the language, and now she speaks with fluency! Here’s an admirable woman in her own words:

Seele Magazine: What does it mean to be Zambian?

AC: To be Zambian means to be peace-loving. I come from one of the 5 most peaceful countries in Africa.

SM:What’s your favorite fashion accessory that you can’t live without?

AC: I love shoes. I can’t have enough of them (smiling)

SM:How was your faith strengthened or affected in moving to Germany, and learning to speak the language?

AC: My faith was strengthened rather than affected when I moved to Germany. Leaving Zambia, to me, was leaving my comfort-zone-my family, my church, my friends and the familiar environment. That in itself grew my relationship with God even closer. I learned to depend on God every step of the way.

There is a joke that goes “life is too short to learn German.” Believe me, it felt just like that when I had my first German language class. But I believed God to make it possible for me to learn. So, I put in all my best and spent long hours working on language exercises.

After 2 years of intensive German learning and living in Germany for 4 years now, I can gladly say I speak German (Ich spreche Deutsch)!

SM:You have a son, what kind of character traits are you praying for now, in the woman that he will choose to marry?

AC: God has blessed me with a wonderful son. My prayer is that he finds a Godly woman who puts God first in her life. I pray for her to have character traits of: The wife of Noble Character in Proverbs 31:10-31.

We need to realise that other women are not our competition, but our partners in achieving our best.

SM: What’s one thing that we women need to understand about ourselves to be effective and content in life in whatever we’re called to do?

AC: Our uniqueness. God has given us different gifts and talents. We need to realise that other women are not our competition, but our partners in achieving our best. Ladies we are fearfully and wonderfully made in God’s image- Psalm139:14. Let’s celebrate our uniqueness and be one another’s helping hand. Through that, we can be effective and content in life, in whatever we are called to do.

SM: When you hear the name of Jesus what comes to mind?

AC: Lover of my Soul and my best friend