Marie Smith- Talks Vintage Fashion, Valentino, & Faith

Marie Smith works for the D.C. government, but outside of her civil servant role, she’s passionate about children’s issues and fashion. But, besides all that, it’s Marie’s faith in Christ that makes her shine. Once a week she volunteers at a children’s hospital in Washington, D.C., sitting with the sick cancerous children. And, she can put an outfit together and talk designers and fashion seasons. 

Here’s a fabulous woman who’s living for Christ, is passionate about children’s issues, and loves vintage fashion- in her own words:

AP: You, like anyone else has experienced the ups and downs of life. How has your faith developed and how do you view God at this stage in your life?

MS: I view the Lord in a way that I find Him to be ever present and consistent, even when I as a human being am not. I can always go back over His track record in the Bible, with the things that He has done over the course of my life, and He has always proven himself to be good. One piece of advice that is key- is to stay in God's word and keep a prayer journal so that when you see what the Lord does you can go back and read it to remember and be thankful. Keep reading the Bible so that you can stay focused and remember the wonderful things He has done.

...stay in God’s word and keep a prayer journal so that when you see what the Lord does you can go back and read it to remember and be thankful.

Seele Magazine: Who inspires you and why?

Marie Smith: Anna Wintour. LOL. Her belief that when you are decisive, you actually get more accomplished, and people believe in what you are doing instead of you not being confident in your decision making. I really resonate with that. I like how she has become the curator basically of the fashion world. She is the prime example of when you are confident and passionate about something other doors will open for you, which is really inspiring.

SM: You love fashion and vintage shopping. What's your favorite Washington, D.C. vintage shop?

MS: Honestly, Value Village Thrift Store and a new place that just popped up on my radar- the Nomad Yard Collectiv.


SM: If a little girl were to walk up to you now and ask you for one sentence of advice, what would you tell her?


SM: Who's your favorite designer and why?

MS: Valentino Clemente Ludovico Garavani. I just love his old school glamour. Magnifico!

SM: What's one character trait that people need to resolve within themselves every morning before leaving home- a trait that would make the world a better place?

MS: Stop being so serious all the time and laugh!

SM: When you hear the name Jesus what comes to mind?

MS: My friend and the one that I can pour out my soul to and receive true comfort, peace, and joy