Maria Espinoza- On Balancing Being A Working Mother and Wife- And Other Things

Maria Espinoza has a laugh and a joyful outlook on life. The awesome thing about Christ is that He’s a life changer. If we let Him in, He goes into our hearts, cleans house, and makes us more like Him. Maria is a prime example of that and that’s why she has such a joyful spirit today. 

One thing I admire about Maria and her husband John, is that they don’t smother each other. They love each other very much, but they also make time for friends and family. And amongst the busyness of life, she and her husband fight for the time to have date night once a week- something I admire!

Here’s how a joyful, beautiful, kick-butt wife & mom is balancing life:

Seele Magazine: What's the secret to balancing being a wife, mother, and working full time?

ME: Finding balance is difficult, but not impossible. Each person has to understand and acknowledge what makes them happy, and what it is that they need to do to be happier, healthier- and this varies.

For me, it's this: my husband and I made a commitment and an investment to have a Date Night. We religiously take time for ourselves as a couple to have some fun, enjoy each others company and relax every Friday night. Making time for yourself and your spouse is vital in order to be a happier wife and rejuvenating mom.

Also, making time for friends, having a girls night out- girl talk- or brunch is important. Also, time with nature is important, it brings inner peace, and for me, it definitely puts all my perspectives in place and brings me closer to God.

Making time for yourself and your spouse is vital in order to be a happier wife and rejuvenating mom.

SM: What's one thing that we women need to understand about ourselves to be effective and content in whatever we're called to do?

ME: Have courage and be kind.  Fight resistance that holds you back from your goals.

SM: What does friendship mean to you?

ME: Friendship is enduring together the complexities of life.  Friendship is a form of unconditional love.

SM: What's one negative character trait that you think women need to let go of?

ME: Women need to understand that they can be strong without being mean.  Too many women feel threatened by other successful women.

SM: You've got a son, what kind of character traits are you praying for now, in the women that they will choose to marry- if he marries?

ME: Having a toddler son has meant constant attention and worry for his physical well-being.  He seems to have zero sense of self-preservation.  Most of my prayers for him focus on his immediate needs for health, safety, growth and learning.

SM: When you hear the name Jesus what comes to mind?

ME: Forgiveness and unconditional love.