Larry and Teri Lewis- Connecting the City of Berlin, Literally


I didn’t expect Berlin to have a Christian library and was surprised, but at the same time was happy to discover it. Berlin is not like the States in terms of having Christian resources- i.e. bookstores, libraries, or Bible study groups- easily on hand. But, I hear that it has really changed in that regard in the last 10 years or so. Larry and Teri Lewis came to Berlin from the States to be the directors of Connections Christian Resource Center in Berlin’s Shöneberg. The first thing that hits a visitor upon entering is Larry’s smiling face and Teri’s warm and inviting hello!

One thing I’ve noticed every time I go is that Connections does connect people together, and it helps people go deeper in their Christian faith with all of the resources it offers. As I’m checking out a book or chatting with Larry, I hear out of the corner of my ear people engrossed in theological discussions.

A friend recently shared that when she became a Christian she was going through a divorce. She checked out every book on divorce and marriage at Connections, realizing that she never knew God’s purpose for the institution, and after she devoured every book on the subject, she could heal from her broken situation. If it hadn’t of been for Connections, she wouldn’t have had those literally resources to gain the knowledge that her soul was craving.

If you’re ever in Shöneberg swing by Connections, become a member, and take a seat and chat. Prinz-Georg-Straße 10, 10827 Berlin

They even have a kids section too!

Seele Magazine: How long have you both been married? And what’s one thing that has made your marriage work all these years?

Larry and Teri: We have been married for 14 years and having God as the center of our relationship has helped us to weather every storm that we have encountered.

SM: What brought you to Berlin?

Larry and Teri: We came to Berlin to become the new directors of Connections Christian Library.

SM: Why is Connections important for Berlin?

Larry and Teri: Connections is important because Berlin is an international city, and with so many cultures and languages here, it makes Connections a natural tool to build relationships because we are an international library. Also, since the wall came down, there is a need for good Christian resources in English and German that was not available in Berlin before.

SM: Connections is a unique Christian library in Berlin where people can take classes, check out books, and chat over a cup of coffee. What is one thing that you both have seen God do through Connections in the time you’ve both been there?

Larry and Teri: Since we have been the directors of Connections, we have seen God use this venue to build relationships with so many different kinds of people that was not possible 25 years ago.

SM: Larry, what’s your favorite Scripture verse? Teri, what’s your favorite Scripture verse?

Larry: my favorite Scripture verse is Romans 8:28.

Teri: my favorite Scripture verse is John 14:6.

SM: When you hear the name Jesus, what comes to mind?

Larry: For me, when I hear the name Jesus, I think about God’s unending mercy.

Teri: When I hear the name Jesus, I think about the power and depth of God’s love and forgiveness for everyone everywhere.