Fitri Rosanty, the Chemist that’s Going to Save Indonesia

ONE THING that a person will see in Fitri when they sit and speak with her is her joyful spirit. It’s as if she is going to burst if she doesn’t laugh or smile.

She ‘occupies her street,’ a Carl Lentz expression, meaning that she’s doing her own thing, focusing on her God given talent as a chemist, as well as her friendships, and being a blessing at her local church. I admire her priorities and that she focuses on them. I admire her love for God. And I admire that she wants to make a difference in Indonesia with her passion for chemistry. Fitri will make a good chemist, and she loses me with the depth of her scientific jargon in question 5, which actually assures me that planet earth will be ok because at least she knows what she is talking about!

Seele Magazine: Which Indonesian island are you from, and what makes that island different from other Indonesian island?

FR: Actually my parents are from north Sumatra but I was born and grew up in west Java. I love both, but love West Java more, hahhaha.

What makes North Sumatra different from other Islands is how the people react and speak. The people from north Sumatra are loud and tough in their speech, and it comes off as quite rough, but they actually mean well. In west Java the people speak differently, they’re more polite, compared to other people in Indonesia.

SM: What was your first impression on moving to Germany? What are your thoughts on Germany now?

FR: COLD, not only the weather but also the people. But as time has passed, I have come to find that not all the Germans are cold. I have met Germans who are very warm, friendly and care about foreigners.

I’ve learned a lot from these people and the good parts of the German culture. I admire that they are disciplined, that they are organized, that they’re ordered, and they’re focused in the workplace.

SM: If there was one person that you could meet that’s no longer living who would it be?

FR: My maternal grandmother. I want to know how she was so strong, and how she passed that strength on to my mother. I want to know her strength.

SM: What are you studying at Freie University and what do you want to do with your degree?

FR: I study Chemistry. I want to be a part of my country’s revolution with my degree, especially in the environmental sector. What I want more than anything is to always know that I have God, who is big, and who has everything, and can equip me to do what He has called me to do Phil 4:13 ;)

SM: There are a lot of scientists that are atheists or agnostics. How do you see God in chemistry?

FR: Precisely. I love God more when I study chemistry. I did find some of my classes difficult, as I have wrestled with some scientific ideas that contradict the Biblical creation story. I began to question God, and asked Him:

“God, how could you create, program, organize this complicated universe from a just small atom, which contains electrons and protons, and weighs 9,1 x 10-31 kg?” Many Scientists have researched how these electrons move, and at which speeds and how electrons from hydrogen and oxygen can be “united” to be a water-molecule, until they [the Researcher] produced many theories like the Valence Bond Theory or the Molecular Orbital Theory. “But you, God- You created the world, by just speaking, “let there be light!” ‘And there was light!’ I am just amazed of Your sovereign Hand.”

SM: What city are you dying to visit?

FR: Santorini

SM: What Indonesian celebrity do you admire the most and why?

FR: I almost never admire celebrities from Indonesia. There are some people from Indonesia who inspire me: Soekarno (First President of Indonesia), Welyar Kauntu (A Worship Leader from one of biggest Church in Indonesia), Philip Mantofa (A Revivalist in Indonesia).

SM: Which do you prefer: Kittens or puppies? Diamonds or pearls?

FR: Puppies, Pearls

SM: Jelaskan Indonesia dengan lima kata. (Describe Indonesia with 5 words)

FR: INDONESIA SELALU DALAM HATI SAYA. (Indonesia is always in my heart.)

SM: When you hear the name Jesus what comes to mind?

FR: He is My Man.