Do You Know Him?

Bethlehem, Israel (the West Bank)

Bethlehem, Israel (the West Bank)

"The first sign that one needs salvation in Jesus is thinking, 'That’s for others, not me.'"

I’ve been going to church since I was conceived, and my parents have been going to church since they were conceived, and their parents, and their parents and so on…

But, one must realize that they cannot ride on the coattails of their parents to receive eternal salvation and have peace in their souls on this earth. Everyone must do it for themselves.

Three years ago this past October I became a born again Christian. I was in so much pain. It was in Arlington, Virginia and I was renting a room in the home of a Mormon woman. I called out to God in the name of Jesus, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit to help me. Little did I know that after praying that prayer to God that when I would open my Bible He would change my life. So I opened my Bible and it opened to the Book of Romans. I had read the book of Romans many times, but there was something different about this time. I turned to Romans, began reading chapter 1, and my eyes were opened. Never had I experienced God in this way! It’s indescribable, it was supernatural, and it’s challenging to put into words. But God’s Holy Spirit was feeding my soul with the God-breathed words the Apostle Paul wrote so many years ago. The eyes of my heart were open to receive the nourishment that only God can give a human that He has created. My dad could see that my life was changing and he called my mom and said “Sandra! Sandra! Allyson is different. She’s really going towards the Lord!”

Do you know Him?  Have you experienced Him like this?

Becoming a Christian- going into relationship with God, through Jesus, by way of the Holy Spirit doesn’t mean that life becomes easier. Oh contraire, I say it becomes more challenging but in a fulfilling way. You’re no longer of the world and you say no to things you used to say yes to, but with ease. But as soon as you say yes to Christ, the enemy will unleash even more pressures and pain on your life. But while life will throw many challenges, a Christian will be taken on this exciting journey where God will work to mold His child [you]to look more like His Son each and every day. And having Jesus means that a Christian has a new way dealing with life’s challenges.

I ask you, do you know Him?

The beginning of 2015 was year two of this born again Christian journey for me, and I was hit with some challenges- lemme tell ya- challenges! Challenges with people- challenges with people that I had never faced before. And I was backed into a corner and God was doing work. The beauty about walking with Christ is that He is a heart-changer. And I had anger towards people that went way back- bad church experiences from my hometown and Berlin, AND friends that turned out to not really be friends. Long story short, in my frustration and anger, Christ was wrestling with my heart, wanting me to confront and let go of some of these issues. Confronting, self-introspection, and letting go isn’t easy- it can only be done with the power of Christ! But I have a Savior, Christ Jesus that really cares about my pain, and your pain, and He will back us in corners in hopes that we humble ourselves before Him and ask Him to translate the root of our challenges so that we can understand them and move on. Who helps you in your challenges? Do you allow God into your pain to work on your heart issues?

It’s easy to get carried away in the commercialization of Christmas, and Jesus can get forgotten by the lights, the shine, the glitter, and the trees. But I appeal to the non-believing Christian! We’re humans and we can only carry so much. Where do you offload your burdens- [why are you really looking at porn, why are you carrying around anger, have you really dealt with your past abuse or offenses, why do you have pedophilia thoughts, how are you dealing with your deep family issues, what are you doing about your secret sex regrets, what’s the real reason why you’re committing adultery, why do you really hate your parents, what's the real reason why you’re on the lower rungs of society and can’t seem to come up, etc?]- What do you do with all the pain that has been done to you or that you’ve caused? Putting your pain into drinking, going to another strip club, getting another boyfriend to fill the empty void inside you, cutting yourself, not eating, or whatever is your outlet will only lead you to more emptiness.

I implore my- Muslim, Jewish, agnostic, atheist-calling, angry at God, Buddhist, or whatever your faith is- friends to look at Jesus. Why? Because He is the way the truth and the life- and God invites you too look at the evidence of the Bible and find out for yourself if He, Christ, and the Holy Spirit are real.

Two, Because He knows your life and your pain. He can handle your burdens so offload on Him. He cares for you. He loves you. And even if it seems silly that a Baby came over 2,000 years ago, did some miracles, started a revolutionary movement, gave Himself up for you and was scourged and died on a wooden cross, rose again on the 3rd day, and said that He is God in the flesh- I’d agree. It sounds out there but a lot Eastern faiths or being atheist sounds far out there too. So while you’re out there, look into Jesus.

If you seek Him with all your heart, I promise 100% you will find Him. You won’t be disappointed, and get prepared to be a part of the best adventure and most fulfilling ride of your life!

I ask you, do you want to know Him in this way?

Merry Christmas, Happy Christmas, Feliz Navidad, Frohe Weihnachten, and Happy Friday! xx