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Leadership 101- Nehemiah Style: Someone to Uphold You in 2017

Isn’t it interesting how one part of your life can be going so well- i.e. jobs, success, health, finances, free time BUT another part can be struggling or almost nonexistent- i.e. your relationships, your marriage, or your relationship with your kids? We certainly weren’t meant to always stay on the mountain. With Nehemiah as our model, we'll see one practical life application from Scripture that we can use so that we don’t lose our joy, faith and hope in the midst of having one part of your life going well and another part that may not be going so well.

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Personal Mission Statement- Dying to Self to Help Others

We’ve all been called to serve. Jesus came for people, to save us and to heal us. That’s what His ministry was about: people.

A personal mission statement that does not include a mission and aim to uplift others, and to put them before ourselves is a personal mission statement that is weak and lagging character.

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Personal Mission Statement- Mentally Prepared

It’s important in life that we be mentally fit for all sorts of situations- to be fit to take on sin and fight the flesh, and to be mentally fit to fight life’s giants. When we’re mentally prepared it shows that we also have great faith in God. And it’s also a big part of knowing who we are so that we can have a stellar personal mission statement.

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Personal Mission Statement- Spitting Image

Who we are a spitting image of shows what’s really going on inside our hearts [our root system]. By heart I mean our emotions, the thing(s) that drives us, the thing(s) that propels us to act or not act, our love for something, the good we do, the evil we do- if we forgive, if we hate, if we surrender our lives to God, if we’re jealous towards other, etc.

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Personal Mission Statement- Do You Really Know Who You Are?

What people know of themselves comes from what they have been told of themselves, and sometimes what they have been told is worldly poor advice. Do you know who you are and what wonderful things you can do in the world- outside of what people are telling you about yourself?

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All About the Process

One thing I realized about God is that He’s all about process. More often than not, God, thousands of years ago, and God in 2016 is a God of process. Sometimes He does things quickly, like the waving of a wand- abracadabra and POOF- it’s done and fast. But when He decides to mold and make our characters, the things we want can take weeks, months or years.

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