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Trust, With Every Fiber of Your Being

For the past 2 Fridays I have been posting directly from the Jesus Calling devotional, like I do every year. I use the last three weeks of December to take a slight break from Seele to refuel and quiet myself from the year and the holiday rush. The voice that Sarah Young, the writer of each devotional, is writing in is the voice our Triune God- as if he is sitting across the table speaking directly to you.

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Reaction to Action- Moving On

When it’s time to move on from a thing God will let you know and confirm it. And sure, God understands your attachment to the old thing. And sure, there might need to be a period of mourning and sulking. But after time has passed, you’ll sense God saying “You have mourned long enough for this thing, and it's time to let it go.”

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