Committing to God

We all have commitments that we make – and we all know the importance of always doing our best to honour our commitments. Our word is our bond.


This year, I made a new type of commitment – a commitment that has brought me closer to God in ways I did not entirely expect. I gave something up for Lent in the lead-up to Easter.


What I’ve given up is relatively small (chocolate), and giving something up for Lent isn’t for everyone. But the important thing is it’s a commitment. A commitment to God.


By making this commitment, it’s saying that my relationship with the Lord is more important than my immediate pleasure or comfort. It’s about sacrifice – important for any relationship.


Of course, simply following Jesus and believing in Him is a sacrifice. We all know that. But our sacrifices – no matter how great – pale in comparison to His; if it wasn’t for Christ coming to this earth and giving up his mortal life for us, none of us would be saved.


The great thing about this commitment I’ve made for Lent is it has helped me focus more on Christ. Every time someone has offered me a piece of chocolate, or I’ve walked past the confectionary aisle at the supermarket, my thoughts have almost instinctually gone to Christ. It’s been pretty remarkable, honestly. And by saying “no” every time, what I’ve really been saying is “no thanks – my relationship with Jesus is more important.”

Even more incredible has been this: a couple of times I’ve been offered chocolate and declined, I’ve said exactly why: because I’ve given it up for Lent. And it’s even started conversations with some people how they, too, have given things up for Lent – all the more amazing because I live in a country where the majority of people are not Christians. Would these sorts of conversations have been possible were I not giving something up for the sake of Christ? Truly, I don’t know the answer.

Again, we don’t have to give things up for Lent. But we do have to be committed to Christ – at all times. Is commitment not an element of belief?


And we certainly know the miracle of belief.