December Chat Across the Atlantic with Country Music Singer, Emily Faye


Just a couple of weeks ago I sat down over the phone to chat with 24 year old Emily Faye, who's up and coming on the British and American Country Music stages. As the telephone lines held our conversation across the Atlantic, from Washington, DC to the UK, I was met with the bubbly but strong voice of Emily, who is passionate about writing and making music. Originally from Northhamptonshire, Emily recorded her first EP that will be launched in 2018, in Zac Brown Band's Nashville studio. 

The UK Country Music scene is growing with the emergence of American stars headlining throughout the UK. And for Emily, she's just glad to be a part of it. She'd love to one day write with Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, and Elton John- her favorite artists. And she wouldn't turn down a duet with either of them either. 

 She’s a firm believer that anything is possible, and she doesn't get bogged down in the numbers. Emily  renews her mind to not focus on quantity, but rather quality, by reminding herself it’s about the quality of music and not the number of followers.

 Sit down and enjoy this Q&A chat with Emily Faye. 

Seele Magazine: You desire to tell your story through your music. What is your story?

Emily Faye: My songs are from life experiences, from past love and what could be future love. I also love telling other people’s stories through the way that I see them. With my song ‘Open Road,’ I told a story based on my parents and how they must feel when they are with each other. So I’ve been practicing with my songwriting, and putting myself in other people’s shoes to create different songs. 

SM: Why country music? How did you come to love it and how do you manage to mesh Nashville and the English countryside together?

EF: My dad used to make me mixed tapes when I was younger and he got me into music. And then I started singing and I had piano lessons from a young age, and taught myself guitar. When I was about 13 I was challenged to write my first song, so I did. And since then I’ve been writing songs.

I can only be myself. I can’t be anyone but me. As far as the British contribution to Country Music, we’re trying to bring something new to the table like Americans. The Americans have their pop influences, their rock influences and so on- which I have heard when I’ve been in Nashville. There’s no particular niche of Country Music, there are various influences within this genre.

"Country Music is Three Cords in the Truth. I think people like that Country Music tells a story. It’s storytelling, with amazing punch lines to finish off the story."

SM: What has music brought to your life?

EF: Music has bought me friendships. The friendships that I’ve gained through music are the best because there’s an understanding of each other. But also, my friends who aren’t into music, they are so supportive of me. Music brings everyone together.

And it’s touching when my music is effective. One of my best friends just had a baby and she played my song ‘Open Road’ for her crying baby and the baby stopped crying.

It has made me realize that other people believe in me.

When I have those up and down days, feeling that I don’t have what it takes, my music helps me to believe in myself. If I don’t believe in myself then no one else will. And if my fans, family and friends believe in me then I have to believe in me too.


SM: What other music genres do you like and that influences your music?

EF: I love Elton John and Gabrielle Aplin. And, I love listening to my friends’ music. Taylor Swift is so clever with her writing and Ed Sheeran- he’s a lyrical genius.   

SM: What's a typical day like for you?

EF: Oh, it depends really. A typical day… hm. There’s never really a typical day. I’m always rushing around being really busy. I’m often going to London to do writing sessions with a friend or with someone I’ve never met. Then I’ll grab a bite to eat with a friend. I love exploring London cafes. I work part time to get a little extra money. My gym class is relaxing, with a group of women, and it helps me get my mind straight.

SM: Who is your inspiration outside of music?

EF: People that inspire me the most are the people I’m close to. Like my family and friends who are so hardworking and put their all into everything they do. 

One of my best friends is studying law at uni and working at the same time. So every lunchbreak she gets, she’s studying. I really admire how hardworking she is.

SM: Who is your favorite Country Music artist?

EF: At the moment I’m going through an Allison Krause phase. Oh, and Little Big Town and Drake White phase too.

Last year I went to the Country 2 Country Music Festival and fell for Maren Morris and Zac Brown Band, so I’m listening to a lot of them now. I got to record in the Zac Brown Band studio in Nashville in February of this year, and their all talented artists.

SM: Do you feel that your calling is to be a singer? If so, how was it revealed to you?

EF: There was nothing else that I’d rather do with my life- writing and singing songs. I’m passionate about my music and that’s why I know why I’m here.

SM: Do you get scared before you perform? If so, how do you move pass the fear? 

EF: I do get a bit nervous. But, as soon I get on stage, right before my band and I start playing I’ll get a smile from my bandmates and I feel like: this is where I need to be. And I get a “this is awesome” feeling! Especially when the drums kick in.  

SM: How did it feel to release your first EP? 

Cover Open Road.jpg

EF: I recorded my EP in Nashville in February of this year and it will be released in early 2018. Recording it in Nashville was the best recording experience that I’ve ever had, working with talented musicians- I couldn’t believe that they were playing my songs. The speed in which the songs were recorded was incredible- 3 tracks in 3 hours. They listened to the rough demos that I did in my bedroom- one time, and read the chart that I gave them, and they played the songs three times and that was it- it got made quickly. I was amazed at their talent for music and that they were kind and down to earth people.

SM: What can your fans expect from you in 2018?

EF: 2018 will bring a new single, an EP and EP launch, a mini UK tour and festival dates as well. I’m going to do some more recording and keep putting things out there into the world. 

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