Eve and Her Daughters- An Identity Rooted in the Image of God

This is the second Friday in Women’s History Month, where I will point out a significant woman from the Bible: Eve. The Bible doesn’t give us a lot about her, but there is more about her in Scripture than we realize.  Last year I spent a month outlining fascinating facets of Eve’s life.

Eve is known as the “mother of all who have life” (Genesis 3: 16, 20). Eve is her third name, given to her by her husband, Adam. Adam named his wife “Eve” after they had sinned and were kicked out of the garden. She is the first among many things: first woman, first to sin, first beautiful woman, first woman victim of Satan, first fashion designer, first to receive the prophecy of Jesus and the Cross, and first to lose a son to murder.

Because she is the mother of all who have life, she is a part of us, and she is unique. 

I ran across a quote a few years ago, a quote pointed out to me by my father:

What you do for yourself depends on what you think of yourself. And what you think of yourself depends on what you know of yourself. And what you know of yourself depends on what you have been told.
— Hidden Colors

We are told in Genesis 1: 26-28 that women through the first woman Eve, are made in God’s image. And because we have been told this, it should empower us in how we think of ourselves. The feminine nature of women is a part of the character of God. The way that women want to be desired in and chased after is very much a part of the nature of God, as He wants us to desire Him and chase after Him. God’s plan for creation cannot be complete without women.


As I pointed out last week, with sharing the significance of the women in Philippi, God has a plan and purpose for women, to empower us with the gifts and talents He has given us to serve the generations He puts us in.


When the eyes of our hearts are open to the Gospel message, and when we understand what we have been told, brings further understanding of what we know of ourselves, which makes us aware of what we think of ourselves, and will then dictate what we do for ourselves- then all of this will bring a healthy identity rooted in Biblical womanhood. When we as women know these things and the SOURCE of where these things come from, then we will walk with boldness doing what God has put us on this earth to do.


Happy Friday & Happy International Women’s Day!