Eve: A Unique Woman

She is known as the “mother of all who have life (Genesis 3: 16, 20),” which means Eve. Eve is her third name, given to her by her husband, Adam. Adam named his wife “Eve” after they had sinned and been kicked out of the garden. She is the first among many things: first woman, first to sin, first beautiful woman, first woman victim of Satan, she was the fashion designer, the first to receive the prophecy of Jesus and the Cross, the first to lose a son to murder – she was the beginning of a lot of things. And because she is the mother of all who have life, she is a part of us and she is unique. 

I’m sure if Eve had known the consequences of her choice to listen to Satan and sin against God, she would have made a different choice.

Quickly focusing on one of her firsts from above: Eve was the first woman victim of Satan. He preyed on her for a reason. We know that Eve was a beautiful woman- that when Adam woke up and saw her next to him, he said “Wo-man!” haha! He was amazed at her beauty that he made a short poem about his new wo-man (Genesis 2: 23). 

But, what caused Satan- then the angel Lucifer, to fall from his position as the “body guard of God’s throne” in heaven?...his pride (Ezekiel 28: 14). It was his pride in himself and his good looks. Lucifer was good-looking, more beautiful than these gems: sardius, topaz, diamonds, beryl, onyx, jasper, sapphire, turquoise, emerald and gold (Ezekiel 28: 13). But often as is the case with good-looking people, they turn vain because they think they are hot stuff. 

Eve was beautiful and she gives life. Satan hates these things about women, and poor Eve never saw it coming. He had it out for her and he has it out for Eve’s daughters, who are us- all women. He feels threatened by beauty and that women give life. As a result of her sin, God told Eve that in addition to her having pain in childbirth, women would, “desire their husbands, and they shall rule over you (Genesis 3: 16).” 

If we look at every age in history women have struggled for rights- the right to vote, the right to own land, the right to be treated equally in society, etc. But this struggle, this push and pull is a result of Eve’s choice and her daughters having to live with her choices. God never intended for women to be ruled by men. Women are equal image bearers of God (Genesis 1: 27) but our first parents had choices, as do we, and their choice to eat of the tree [and not listen to God] really got things out of whack. But thank God for Jesus who was able to undo the eternal consequences of what Adam did.

Regardless of her mistake, Eve is a unique woman. The Bible doesn’t give us a whole lot about her but there is more about her in Scripture than we realize.  But even though Satan tempted her, God’s plans and purposes for Eve and her daughters are greater than anything the devil could and can cook up. To understand her a bit more is empowering and fascinating, so I aim to point out some things about this unique woman, who is the mother of all who have life in the next 4 weeks.

Happy Friday!