How To Start Getting Into The Word Of God

Over the past several months, I have been asked about my morning devotionals. Everyday, I post a morning devotional to my social media pages to not only track my faith journey but to also give some encouragements to others. My true faith journey started in 2016, before then, I was just a passive Christian. In December of 2015, I felt convicted by the Holy Spirit to grow a deeper faith with God. I started writing in journals but it was never consistent. As the year went on I progressed a little but not much. I started to notice the more I got into the Word the more blessings came my way. However, I still wasn't committed enough, I was still passive.

 In January of 2016, I got better. I still thought I was doing well but deep down I knew my faith wasn’t strong enough. Looking back on my faith walk, January of 2016 is when I wholeheartedly started to chase after God's own heart. I committed myself to journaling. Every. Single. Day, I started to listen to devotionals and write my thoughts and prayers down and make them plain. It's not simple nor is it easy. I give myself at least 30 minutes every morning to God.

I typically try to get up each morning and pray before anything else. If you allow God to be the first thing that is on your heart and mind, your spirit changes into the direction of your life. I know that it's tough. Some mornings you wake up to phone calls, alarms and you’re in a rush. What I have learned to help comeback this is to try to listen to a sermon every morning. This is one of the best ways that I learned to fill my mind with the Lord.

I try to use the physical copy of the devotion instead of the app so that I will not touch my phone in the morning.

The devotional I use is, In Touch Devotionals. InTouch was created by Dr. Charles Stanley. I try to use the physical copy of the devotion instead of the app so that I will not touch my phone in the morning. After my devotion, I put my headphones in and listen to his podcast on the way to class. This is the best way that I have been able to truly grow in my faith walk.

It would be wrong if I said I have been perfectly consistent since January 1, 2017. I just gave myself a sure fire goal and tried my best to stick it out. At first it was a bit of forcing myself to do it and finding the time in my life. It took a lot of trial and error but I have learned a lot about myself. I have learned that I am perfectly imperfect and that God meets me at my need every single time. I have learned that life is hard but we as mere humans make it harder on ourselves. I have learned that God doesn’t intentionally put burdens upon us, we can easily self inflict ourselves and put ourselves in positions of turmoil and difficulty.

My daily devotionals made me realize that people in the Bible went through the same struggles each and everyone of us go through. It showed me that I alone am not enough but that God sent Jesus and the Holy Spirit to guide my spirit.

Being a Christian isn't easy nor simple. Growing your faith and personal relationship with God is a process. It takes sacrifice and total dependence on the lord. However, the results are truly amazing. God will not only bless you for focusing on him, but he will fill you with the Fruit of the Spirit. God will fill you with a joy that will fill you with never ending joy and an adventurous life.

 Don't you want to have an adventurous life?



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