2018 has already been an eventful year. God has been working in miraculous ways through people and things in my personal life. A phrase I've been hearing a lot this year that upon first hearing, it took me a minute to process is Godspeed. It's an interesting word, mixing God with the word speed? To rid me of my confusion, I decided to do some research on this word. What I found is that the word is used to describe God moving in a person's life. It describes the way God is working in and through one's life with opportunities, blessings and situations.

I have come to love this term because of what it means. The speed of God is unmatched, no one can even understand how He works. The work that He has done, is currently doing and will do in the future in your life is marvelous. God wants to do amazing things in your life but you must give Him access to you to do it. Giving God full access to us and our lives is key for him to work in our life.

We have to stop comparing ourselves to other people and their progress in life. Allow God to move the way he wants to in your life and watch how your life changes. God is excited to bless you, He wants you to be a light in the world. It just takes time. Time goes into the same category as access, once we allow God to have access to us, then we must wait for Him to work the way He wants to work. God's timing is amazing, I have learned that the best blessings come when I pray for something and God delivers it right on His time. I appreciate the blessing much more and I grow to wait on God. God is pruning us and when we are ripe, He sends the blessing we have been waiting for. If we were to always get what we believe we want, then we will not know the power and magnitude of God.

I cannot tell you the countless times I have prayed and prayed and prayed for a blessing to come into my life, just to hear God say “wait.” I had to learn that my timing is not God's timing. We have to be ready for the blessing, we have to be in a position to be blessed. Yes, I understand how hard that is, giving full control and access to God is not easy. However, we must do it so that God can have His way. Our way is surely NOT, God's way.