Have You Ever Thought…

Have you ever caught yourself thinking, “there are so many religions, who’s right and who’s wrong?” Or have you ever asked yourself, “because there are 40,000 Christian denominations, who is right and who is wrong?”

Looking at the moment when Aaron’s staff became a snake in Exodus 7: 8-13, it was like a Mexican standoff but Egyptian/Hebrew style. Pharaoh had challenged Moses to perform a miracle and God had pre-warned Moses of this, telling him to throw down his staff when he would be asked to perform a miracle. When Moses threw down his staff it became a snake. But Pharaoh summoned his wise men, sorcerers and magicians to throw down their staffs, which became snakes. So, who’s act was right and who’s act was wrong? A religion may look right to the human eye, but is it truth? Or, is it like Pharaoh’s people, conceived in “magic” made to look real, but in essence the whole thing is false?

There’s a lot of noise out there when it comes to spirituality, about what is truth and what is a lie. And, it’s not about being right and wrong, trying to prove someone wrong. When it comes to the truth that will save men’s souls, it’s less about wanting to prove someone wrong, and more about doing Jude 1:23 states and, “snatching as many from the fires” as possible.

Christianity is the most fragmented religion, split 40,000 ways. The devil couldn’t defeat it, so he joined it. And when you bring all other non-Christian religions into the equation, it’s like trying to find a diamond in a sea of broken glass. The diamond being the truth and the broken glass being the lie.

You see, with Moses and Pharaoh’s people, they both threw down their staffs and both their staffs turned into snakes. They both looked like the truth. But we see in verse 12 that Aaron’s snake ate Pharaoh’s people’s snake.

There may be nuggets of truths in other religions, but a person must look at the snakes on the ground and seek out which is real and which is a lie. Same with Christianity, not all 40,000 listed are Christian, even though they claim to be.

So, if you find yourself asking which religion is right and which is wrong, look at the snakes. Really look through the teachings of the religions, the history of the religion, and its founder(s) before you go all in. Faith is serious. It’s not a game. We all have souls and you determine where you will spend the rest of eternity.

Happy Friday!