It’s All In the Fight

I love the way God has been speaking to me through music the last few months. I feel like music is the most intimate form of communication that God can share with me because it’s one of my gifts and I often sing in the Spirit when I’m ready to battle. I was told once that my greatest weapon against the enemy is my vocal chords and it’s not so much the singing, but rather the sound of warfare that pierces the heavens. I love that! I believe it’s true for each of us. 


The song on my heart this week is called: Surrounded - the Bethel version. The lyrics speak to feeling surrounded or overwhelmed, though human tendency believes the surrounding may bring us to a breaking point, yet God is saying, it is I who surrounds you. Just when you think you are lost, remember it is the Great I Am who surrounds you with his army Angels, helping you stand strong, tall and firmly planted to fight. 


In Luke 1:37 the Word declares He is a mighty God and nothing is too difficult for Him. Believe it or not, God chooses us (even in our weakness) to accomplish His purposes. It is your weakness that is designed to open you up to His power and sovereignty. 2 Corinthians 12:9 is an example of grace extended as our sufficiency so that we may have power in our weakness. Why? So that we can boast more gladly about our weakness and how God miraculously brought us through with fresh perspective, new understanding of His character, His love, His compassion, and His mercy towards us. It’s God’s approach to drawing us closer as part of the intimacy He craves with us. God is a jealous, He will not share us with anyone or anything, and it is often the seclusion in the seasons of “fighting a battle” that will draw us closer to Him. In the process whether you understand it now or later, God is fine tuning our testimony that will later be used to speak life and hope into others. I have often said that in times of fighting a battle, this is where character development, stamina, and faith are increased and developed further.  


In the Spirit of Heaviness put on the garment of Praise, for this is how we fight our battles. Difficult times will come in waves; however, none of these circumstances are a surprise to God. It may be a surprise to us, especially if we are not prepared to walk the straight and narrow, though nothing is too great for us that we cannot overcome. We are never given more than our portion; hence, we must remember to relax, breath, focus, trust and muster up strength each day to keep moving.  Just like boxing, your feet must never stop moving or your opponent will enter your space and take you down with one swift punch. The enemy is waiting for you to stop moving. The enemy is waiting for you to quit. The enemy is waiting for you to walk away. The enemy is waiting for you to sit down and declare curses over yourself, but today, I declare you shall stand strong! Whatever you are facing is simply because it’s sensitive territory to the enemy because the day you overcome your battle and pass the test of trial, marks the day you gain a greater revelation of God that can never be eradicated from within you. 


Be on the lookout for what God is doing in your life and what He may be trying to remove to make space for new things and new vision. In all circumstances even on the days it seems difficult to muster up words to pray, never retract away from God, just stay close to Him. There is nothing greater than to achieve peace even in the storm.  There are too many people fighting battles with the wrong Armor.  Let me remind you that your pastors, spiritual mentors, family and friends are not your Armor because they cannot fight only our behalf. Defence is learned by engaging! The Armor of God as described in Ephesians 6:10-18 is the very defence required for your fight.  I would never enter the boxing ring without gloves and protection for my head or I would be setting myself up for defeat. We have been given clear instruction on how to overcome our opponents in the spirit realm by simply following Ephesians 6:10. Use the very power of your tongue to speak this over your life and know that God will surely take care of the rest. You are headed into better days dear ones. 


Remember: seeds of wisdom are gained by these very seasons in life!