The Lies we accept as Truth Satan’s lies vs Gods truth: the battle for our minds

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As a child I struggled with accepting my uncommon, unruly, curly hair and energetic personality. As I got older, I participated in ELA competitions and came in second place; I participated in vocal competitions and came in first. I had the lead in several  high school musicals. I was liked, but never felt it in my heart. I struggled with deep loneliness; I had an eating disorder and often contemplated suicide. These were some of my battles, because I don’t ever recall feeling good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, talented enough.

I recently read a meme that asked, “If I asked you list all the things you loved, how long would it take to list yourself?”.  What a thought-provoking question!  In a world that seems to be  overflowing with pride and self-love, how many of us truly love ourselves? Is it a facade for the insecurities we feel, but fear exposing?

Why is it that so many of us can easily accept a negative remark, yet challenge a compliment? Why do we succumb to fear and anxiety rather than confidently be ourselves?

We believe the lies.

Our culture  thrives , actually depends on our feeling less than enough: whether it’s our body shape, hair type or color, or success in our careers. Society tells us that we need to be more, buy more, have more because what we are and have is not enough. Where in the world do these lies come from? 

John 8:44 tells us clearly, Satan is the father of all lies. He wants us to believe that we are worthless.  Why? Because then he can more easily influence our thoughts and behavior. 

Our Father in Heaven, the One who created us says  {Psalm139:13-15} we were ‘knitted together in our mothers womb” and that we are “perfectly and wonderfully made”. Seems He should know, right? Yet we struggle to accept what God says as truth.

We are inundated with the “more” mentality which helps create a battle of truth and lies. It’s a scheme creatively designed by Satan - King of Conflict, Master of Destruction, and Proficient Liar to stir the pot and keep us striving to be what we “should” be. A battle ultimately fueled by comparison, stealing our joy.

This battle started with Eve in the garden of Eden, when Satan’s lies to her ultimately swayed her to sin against God. It was the start of our battle with Satan. God’s truth vs. Satan’s lies, and whom we choose to believe.

While we can strive to be a better version of ourselves, we need to be mindful of Satan’s schemes to tear us down. God has designed us with a purpose and a plan. {Jeremiah 29:11}We’re created in the image of a perfect God, and are more -than enough. Remember that the next time you begin to feel less-than.


Kimberlie Kessler is a momma of five beautiful humans. A nurse, caretaker, business owner and blogger, she is a shameless Jesus follower and java junkie. Kimberlie is an extraordinary advocate with a passion for people and a desire to empower and encourage women, and began the soul2soulsister ministry for that purpose. Residing  in Upstate New York, her heart is happiest when her home is full of love, laughter and good dessert.