Little Women Comes to the Silver Screen

The new film “Little Women” out today is the classic American story of love and family. It follows the lives of four sisters, of their challenges, hopes and dreams. The movie starts off showing the bond between the 4 March sisters in their attic. These sisters are confident and strong from childhood to adulthood. Their mother instilled the importance of strength and confidence in them, and this is clear in the main character and sister, Jo March.

Louisa May Alcott firstly wrote Little Woman and it’s a book that keeps on giving 150 years later. Alcott has been able to motivate women of all ages to dream together and celebrate family.

Director Clare Niederprem has brought this classic American story to the cinema, which opens today. Niederprem was able to tell a 150-year-old story in a modern way that will you laugh, tear up, and fully be able to relate to the complexities and joys of having sibling(s) and having family.  Using powerful storytelling, she is able show how little girl sisters in an attic become women with a purpose and calling to do great things, while becoming wives and mothers.

Jo is the strong sister. She is strong on the exterior but has a lot of love and loyalty to give. Jo, played by Sarah Davenport; Meg, played by Melanie Stone; Beth, played by Allie Jennings; and Amy, played by Taylor Ashley Murphy are first and foremost committed to supporting one another. Jo is an aspiring writer who dreams of being a novelist but received many rejections. But, her editor inspires her to write on a new topic-her family. The sisters go through tragedy, but it was from that that Jo was inspired to tell her story.  Lea Thompson plays Marmee and Lucas Grabeel plays Laurie.

Quite simply, Niederprem’s Little Women is fun, enjoyable and relatable. It’s a movie for the family or for a group of girlfriends.

Go out and see this film this weekend!