The Ingredients for A Miracle Are Always in Our Possession

We’ve all been there, where we’ve come to the end of our rope and the clock has struck 12 midnight and we need a miracle. That could be a financial miracle, a job, physical healing, a place to live that’s in your budget, or a spiritual breakthrough.

But, in the midst of you really needing a miracle, have you ever thought that you already have the miracle you’re needing in your possession? While it’s God Who opens doors in our lives and brings breakthrough/miracles, He is often looking for us to have faith, prayer, hope and gusto. When we do our part, He will step in and do what we cannot.

Looking at John’s account when Jesus fed the 5,000, it is believed that at least 15,000+ people were there that day- men, women, and children. A miracle was needed to feed the 15,000+ people. So, Jesus decided to test His disciples on how they could feed so many people in a matter of minutes. Jesus asked Philip, “where shall we buy bread for these people to eat? In verse 7 Philip responds, “It would take more than half a year’s wages to buy enough bread for each one to have a bite!” And, Andrew, who had little faith and gusto like Philip, pointed out the only food he could see was a little boy’s 5 barley loaves and 2 small fish. You can hear Andrew’s hopeless thoughts: “Yeah, this boy has his lunch of 5 loaves and 2 fish, but, sadly that can’t feed all these people. It was stupid to mention this boy’s lunch. Like it could feed all these people anyways.”

We can relate to Philip and Andrew’s responses. When asked how the job search is going, we with little faith, gusto and hope say: “I’ve applied to 30 places and got 1 interview- or no interviews. I’ll never get a job.” Or when needing a spiritual breakthrough, we pray- sometimes fast, but don’t do anything about the active sin in our lives. Or, we simply don’t believe God will bring us the spiritual breakthrough we’re looking for.

The ingredients for the miracle to fee the 15,000+ was already in their possession. Jesus couldn’t see faith or gusto in His disciples, and He couldn’t see a “thinking outside the box” mentality.

When you’ve been applying for jobs for months or years, why not take a different approach and with faith, prayer, hope and gusto- start freelancing until you get the job you want. Take your gifts and talents and turn them into a business. Or, pick of the phone and call friends and ask if they can ask friends, who may have connections in the company you want to work for to connect you to the company head.

When you’re needing a financial breakthrough, if the situation is right go and ask your boss for a raise, sell things you don’t need, or get a second job.

If you need physical healing, if you haven’t tried and it’s not harmful to your current treatment, try a holistic approach that’s not harmful to your spirit.

The ingredients for a miracle are always in our possession, but it takes faith, prayer, hope, and gusto. When we bring in faith and gusto, doing our part to better our situations- then God comes in to do the miraculous.


Happy Friday!