Putting It on the Table

For those who have given their lives to Jesus and have become “born again,” they know that this new life is a transformation. It is really something that is spectacular and mysterious when the Holy Spirit opens the eyes of someone’s heart. And when those eyes get opened that person is on a wild journey of sanctification of being set apart to be made like Jesus. Where challenges, hardships and good times will test the heart of that newly birthed person.

One aspect this new birth, this sanctification is allowing the Holy Spirit to sort through a person’s brokenness, their baggage, their issues. In order to be transformed to the likeness of Jesus, there will be moments where God will back a person into a corner, so to say, in hopes that the person will put their brokenness, their baggage, and their issues on the table.

See, most of us don’t want to “go there” and put our pain and hurts on the table, because to put our issues on the table means going back in time that abuse, that rejection, that neglect, the hurt that was caused by another- or even our own self-inflicted past choices. We can get so comfortable in the pain and the bitter roots that come with it, rather than putting the issue(s) on the table and letting the Holy Spirit sort through it with us.

The pain of healing is quite hard at the beginning. God wants us free from our guilt, shame, the wounds inflicted by others and past sinful choices. It affects God deeply when we walk around with burdens from life not willing to allow Him to work in us to correct the issues and heal us. He wants us to come to the table, put the issue on top, which means going to that painful place and receiving healing. When we go through the process of healing we are being sanctified, made more and more like Jesus.

I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.
— Philippians 3:14

So, I encourage you today, that if you’re dealing with and open wound it means you’re not healed and God will lead you to “go there,” and heal you so that you can leave the issue at the cross and move on to bigger and better things. When we don’t address the wounds in our lives then we can’t be fully used by Him, because that baggage will come out in some form and affect that wonderful thing that God want to use us for.

Happy Friday!