Shifting From Self


When you try to sum up the human characteristics 'kindness' and 'sensitivity', 'care' is what comes to my mind. When people see that you care for others, they automatically consider you as a kind and good person. I'm still asking myself where the care in our daily, real lives has gone. Has it become such a foreign concept that we can only experience it via YouTube? How about acting up ourselves - one on one? 

We cannot deny that our world has started to spin faster and faster. People are getting more and more stressed out. Financial status itself has always played a big role in society since globalization has started. We've become a consumer society where the pressure increases day by day. In our free-time we connect with people over smart phones. Real conversations rarely happen anymore. So, what has transformed us into socially incapable human beings. What should we do? 

We cannot deny that our world has started to spin faster and faster. People are getting more and more stressed out.

Two months ago I was vacationing in Seoul, South Korea for two weeks. One day I was sitting in a subway, talking with my friend. We barely used our smart phones at that time but almost everyone else did. Opposite to me sat a young woman. She was crying silently and although she tried really hard to hide her tears, I noticed. Fact is, that no one else saw this young woman crying as they were lost in  their phones. If you would watch closely you would have instantly known that there was something wrong. I went to that woman and gave her a tissue. What I got in return was the most genuine and thankful smile. That's when I experienced how easy it is to give and how much more you'll get in return. Before I left the subway I turned around one last time and what I recognized was the people that had been looking down at their phones were now watching me and the young woman. Maybe because I did the first move, people there started to care too. 

Even now I often think back to that situation and ask myself if it had left a permanent impression on anybody else. What I want to say: I'm not perfect myself!  But from now on I'll try my best to walk through life with an open mind, opens ears and eyes. Come and join me and let us become a good example for others. 

Let's be more caring! 

Philippians 2:4 Do not merely look out for your own personal interests, but also for the interests of others.


My name is Carolin Lingenberg, I'm 26 years old and live in Berlin, Germany. I'm a medical assistant working in a hospital. My long time dream is to not be regretful and to always strive for the better. A better me for myself and for others. I'm still in the process of loving myself but there is God, who is guiding me and who I trust with my life, as well as my family and friends. "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger!" I love to sing and laugh.