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Women of Philippi- Your gifts are Vital to the Cause of Christ

Oftentimes women think that God doesn’t care about their success, or that they don’t have a place- and they feel quarantined into the children or women’s ministries. And this causes them to be concerned about their stewardship to Christ, when their talents aren’t’ being utilized.

This is not a feminist profile of women being better than men, but rather, Seele Magazine Editor, Ally aims to show how God used Paul AND a group of women to establish the first Christian church in Europe.

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“Paul, Apostle of Christ” Director, Andrew Hyatt Talks to Seele

Andrew Hyatt is an award-winning writer and director he has a new movie out that has been in theaters for two weeks already, “Paul, Apostle of Christ.” The movie was made on a shoestring budget of $5 million. Andrew is passionate about God, and he has done well in combing his two passions: storytelling in film and God. He sat down with Seele Magazine to discuss his new movie about the Apostle Paul, as well has his background story.

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