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If You Follow Him, They Will Follow You

A lot of times we can get caught up in wanting people to follow us- our ideas, blogs, articles, social media accounts, style, etc- says Seele Editor, Ally. But these are all carnal things. I’m not saying people don’t have good ideas or style, but they are still carnal. People are already looking at us and we don’t often realize it because they aren’t telling us. If we follow HIM, then it may lead people to follow HIM as well.

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Be Still and Know

Most of us know the first part of verse 10 of Psalm 46 by heart: “Be still, and know that I am God.” And we think that means to rest, to have a little R&R in the Lord while we wait for a storm of life to pass. But, that’s not quite correct. Just like all Bible passages, Psalm 46 must be understood in context. In fact, it means something different if you’ve always thought it meant to take a little R&R. Read and find out as Seele editor, Ally shares the meaning of Psalm 46:10.

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The Ingredients for A Miracle Are Always in Our Possession

We’ve all been there, where we’ve come to the end of our rope and the clock has struck 12 midnight and we need a miracle. That could be a financial miracle, a job, physical healing, a place to live that’s in your budget, or a spiritual breakthrough.

But, in the midst of you really needing a miracle, have you ever thought that you already have the miracle you’re needing in your possession? While it’s God Who opens doors in our lives and brings breakthrough/miracles, He is often looking for us to have faith, prayer, hope and gusto. When we do our part, He will step in and do what we cannot.

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Olivia Lane: Texas Country Singer Is Heading Across the Pond to London This Year

Olivia Lane is dynamic, smart, funny and above all, an entertainer. Much of her confidence is rooted in her Texas upbringing. Her mother was a local Texas country singer that inspired her to sing and start writing songs at age 16. Olivia ultimately landed in Nashville, where her self-titled debut EP stirred interest beyond Music Row in 2016.

Olivia bids influence to Linda Ronstadt and Carole King with the production and energy of Shania Twain. “If I have to categorise myself I’d have to say I’m pop country. Growing up I was a musical melting pot, but country music always had the lyrics that drew me in." Olivia has been writing and recording new music with plans to release one song at a time directly to her fans, which Lane did with her last release of 'Devil and You' and is continuing to do with 'You Got Me.'

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Forge Ahead

Seele contributor, Rebekah Mazzei unfolds the significance of “forging ahead.” In order to be successful in battle you must always move forward by running, by pushing and never looking back- she states. In FORGING full steam ahead, we can rest assured that the Lord our God is with us!

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A Stair but Not the Whole Staircase

How do you know when to make a move? When to take that step and just do “it,” whatever “it” happens to be? It can be hard to know when to do “it,” especially when you’re trying to discern God’s will if He indeed wants you to do “it.” God will often show you a stair, to reassure you to move towards "it," but He may not show you the whole staircase. To take the stair is trust Him, even though you can't see the whole staircase.

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British Singer-Songwriter, Philippa Hanna Talks to Seele about Touring, Finding Faith & Haiti

Philippa Hanna is an acclaimed British singer-songwriter currently splitting her time between Sheffield U.K. and Nashville. Philippa has become a leading light on the Christian & Gospel scenes in Europe, and she has opened tours for household names including Lionel Richie and Leona Lewis. Philippa chatted with Seele about touring, finding faith and Haiti.

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Bobby Ida, German-Indonesian Fitness Influencer, Talks Faith and the Road So Far

Bobby Ida is a fitness fiend, model, social media influencer, body builder and TV host of Pro Warriors (in Indonesia). He keeps keeps active.You can find him in the gym most days, and he also competes in body building competitions. He just got back from Australia where he competed in the Omara Classic in Perth and won 1st place in the men’s physique open, and the Arnold Classic in Melbourne, where he won 3rd place. Bobby made time to answer a few questions for Seele. Check it out!

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Tessy de Nassau Talks Luxembourg, Being a Veteran, Faith & Activism

Tessy de Nassau is a modern woman, who is not like most of us, but then again she is. She married into the Luxembourg royal family and held a royal title, but she’s still the same person with a heart for people. And as she transitions into the season of life she’s in now, she finds herself busy, like most women, balancing her family and work responsibilities. A mother of two boys, an army veteran, and an activist, Tessy brings attention to various issues near and dear to her heart.

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