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Pure Influence and Affluence Comes from God

In this day everyone is a journalist with their blogs, and everyone seems to be an influencer with their social media accounts. Media is allowing up to stay connected and see what our counterparts around the world are doing. In this social media age, it seems as if we’re all trying to exalt ourselves. I’m not anti-social media. There are many positive aspects of it. Nor am I anti influencer or anti- affluence. God has blessed various people with influence and affluence, and has exalted certain people above others…

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Don’t Just Be a Good King, Destroy the Idols

The kings of Israel and Judah were a mixture of good and bad kings. Bad, meaning that they did evil things and strayed away from God. One mark of a good king is that he would hold the kingdom to accountability when it came to what his people worshiped. Quite simply, he got rid of idols- foreign altars and pagan shrines. Our God takes an invested interested in our lives, and he only wants us serving him because there is a freedom and joy when as Paul states, we are only a “bondservant” to Christ. So, if you have an idol in your life (an addiction, a bad habit, an activity that consumes you- any sin) make a concerted effort to lay it at the foot of the cross and be free from it.

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Our Early 20s Concept of “Calling” is a Prison

 I feel that the word “calling” is a word that gets bounced around in evangelical churches a lot. It’s a word that we get hit with time and time again when we look at interviews of those we look up to. I’ve even asked people in interviews, “how did you know you were called to be a singer, actor, etc?” But maybe you and I have been thinking about “calling” differently that doesn’t align with the Heavenly view of “calling.”

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