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Fasting for God

Seele contributor, Ben Mack fasted for the Muslim holiday of Ramadan- “I should probably begin by saying I’m not a Muslim. But, like many Muslims around the world, I’ve been fasting this past month for Ramadan. Long story much shorter, the experience has deepened my faith in ways I could not have imagined – as well as deepened my empathy for fellow humans.”

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If You Follow Him, They Will Follow You

A lot of times we can get caught up in wanting people to follow us- our ideas, blogs, articles, social media accounts, style, etc- says Seele Editor, Ally. But these are all carnal things. I’m not saying people don’t have good ideas or style, but they are still carnal. People are already looking at us and we don’t often realize it because they aren’t telling us. If we follow HIM, then it may lead people to follow HIM as well.

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Putting Ourselves to the Test

Seele's editor points out that it’s so easy for us to think that we are good Christians because we tithe, bring a dish to the church picnic, volunteer, donate a coat to the homeless coat drive, sing in the choir and so on. And yes, these things are important to God because they are an expression/ a path of love, of the love that lives in us and the love that went to the cross 2,000 years ago. But, we must put ourselves to the test and see if we really know Jesus.

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