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Pure Influence and Affluence Comes from God

In this day everyone is a journalist with their blogs, and everyone seems to be an influencer with their social media accounts. Media is allowing up to stay connected and see what our counterparts around the world are doing. In this social media age, it seems as if we’re all trying to exalt ourselves. I’m not anti-social media. There are many positive aspects of it. Nor am I anti influencer or anti- affluence. God has blessed various people with influence and affluence, and has exalted certain people above others…

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When Everything or Everyone that Challenges You Isn’t Removed

The Israelites from the time of their exit from Egypt to the death of Joshua knew oppression, they knew warfare, but, they also knew the importance of trusting and obeying God. God allowed other nations of people to live among the Israelites in the Promise Land. He didn’t wipe these various nations all out for 2 reasons: 1- So that that generation of Israelites would know how to fight… 2- To test them, to see if they would be obedient to Him. This week we’ll look at reason 1 and next week we’ll look at reason 2.

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