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Turkish Film Promoter, Pia Ercan Talks Her Latest Film, "Ayla: Daughter of War"

Pia Ercan is a movie director and movie promoter. Originally from Turkey, Pia has been behind some of Turkey's well known movies. Her most recent one, "Ayla, Daughter of War," a film set during the Korean War, detailing the life of a Turkish soldier who took care of a young Korean girl when he was stationed in Korea. Pia opens up about this moving and inspiring movie.

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“Paul, Apostle of Christ” Director, Andrew Hyatt Talks to Seele

Andrew Hyatt is an award-winning writer and director he has a new movie out that has been in theaters for two weeks already, “Paul, Apostle of Christ.” The movie was made on a shoestring budget of $5 million. Andrew is passionate about God, and he has done well in combing his two passions: storytelling in film and God. He sat down with Seele Magazine to discuss his new movie about the Apostle Paul, as well has his background story.

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