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“It’s” Over and You Don’t Even Know It

You know how sometimes in life we can get involved in something or with someone that we know we shouldn’t be getting involved with? Often the things we get involved in are over before we even know it. We may not know it early on, or may not want to see “it” for what “it” really is, but others can see that the “it” in our lives is over before we see it.

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Eve, the Completion of Relationship

Seele Editor-In-Chief, Ally Portee continues with the month of Eve. March is the month of Eve, a month where Seele is looking at the first woman from 6 angles, over a period of 6 weeks. This week we will look at “Eve, the Completion of Relationship.” God is relationship, He is about relationships, and He created us to be in relationship. He created us to share in a relationship with Him, to not be independent, but dependent, in the sense that relationship (what He is with Himself) would play out in the lives of humans. 

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What's in Your Hand? - Relationships

To whom much is given, much is required. Human beings can be impatient, ready for the next thing, when God is asking, “what are you doing with what’s in your hand now- with what I have given you?” Why should God bless us with more or take us to new levels when we haven’t mastered nurturing what we have now?

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