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Women of Philippi- Your gifts are Vital to the Cause of Christ

Oftentimes women think that God doesn’t care about their success, or that they don’t have a place- and they feel quarantined into the children or women’s ministries. And this causes them to be concerned about their stewardship to Christ, when their talents aren’t’ being utilized.

This is not a feminist profile of women being better than men, but rather, Seele Magazine Editor, Ally aims to show how God used Paul AND a group of women to establish the first Christian church in Europe.

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Deeqo Shire: ‘Take Action to Eradicate all Forms of FGM’

Deeqo Shire is a representative of Integrate UK. She specializes on issues from female genital mutilation (FGM), to radicalisation, gang culture and countering violent extremism. She has represented Integrate at many significant meetings including meetings with former British Prime Minister David Cameron and the current Prime Minister Theresa May. Deeqo has also spoken at the first FGM conference in Edinburgh.

She shares the importance of bringing to light the importance of FGM. 

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Tessy de Nassau Talks Luxembourg, Being a Veteran, Faith & Activism

Tessy de Nassau is a modern woman, who is not like most of us, but then again she is. She married into the Luxembourg royal family and held a royal title, but she’s still the same person with a heart for people. And as she transitions into the season of life she’s in now, she finds herself busy, like most women, balancing her family and work responsibilities. A mother of two boys, an army veteran, and an activist, Tessy brings attention to various issues near and dear to her heart.

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Supporting Social Enterprise in Bangladesh Through CARE Living Blue

LIVING BLUE is a catalyst to improve conditions for women. In Bangladesh they are benefitting women artisans who make scarves and designs, which are sold in the West. The profit supports these women artisans and their families. The project has increased wages, food and nutrition security and health for more than 7500 families in 121 rural communities across Bangladesh. 

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3 Questions for Christy Wright, for Women's Entrepreneurship Day

Christy Wright is a best selling author and host of the podcast, Business Boutique. Christy is passionate about equipping women with the knowledge and steps they need to successfully run and grow a business. Today is Women's Entrepreneurship Day, is a day that recognizes women's entrepreneurs, and Christy answers 3 questions about women going into business.

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Social Enterprise Company, To the Market, Changing Lives Around the World by Empowering Those who are Marginalized

To the Market, founded by CEO, Jane Mosbacher Morris, economically empowers vulnerable women through artisan enterprise.  They connect artisan groups employing survivors of abuse, conflict, and disease to consumers and businesses seeking social impact products. 

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