When You Are Still, Where Does He Call You?

There are times, and I'm sure you have felt the same way, when I just wish I could physically talk to God face to face. Like, look in His eyes and nudge Him with my elbow and tell Him something that's really important. Moses is the only human who has ever gotten so close to physically being with God, and still he did not see the face of God, only the backside of God (in Exodus 33: 20-23). But even in my longing to physically see God face to face, I find comfort in (Revelation 21:3) and knowing that He will walk amongst His people again.

But, until that day, we are to seek the Triune God. He [Jesus] went ascended to heaven so that we will seek Him. Our Triune God will never leave nor forsake His children, but we must understand this tool of seeking.

You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.
— Jeremiah 29:13

If we look at the character of God, it is clear that He likes to be sought after. And when we truly seek Him we will find Him. You just have to be still. When you are still where does He call you? When you first met God by the power of the Holy Spirit, where were you. Often where you sought Him, surrendered to Him, and let Him into your heart is how you find Him when you seek Him throughout your life's journey. For me, it’s during evening walks, late night talks to God in my bathroom, or walks in nature where I encounter His presence the most.

This presence should be what we long for in 2018- not status, not money, and not material possessions. His presence, rather than a position should be enough. When we seek Him, He should be enough- because He's the only One who can get us through another year.

Happy Friday!