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Pick Up Your Mat

We all have seasons in our lives where some are more challenging than others, but challenges are meant to increase our faith in God, mature us, strengthen us, and make us wiser. God doesn’t intend for us to stay stuck in a season. He’s the only One that’s meant to stay the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. But we’re meant to morph and grow as He moves us from season to season. However, it is possible that we can stay stuck in a season for far too long, longer than God intended us, if we choose to.

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It’s Actually Being Done for You

There are many moments in life when we will all feel as if the world is against us- losing a job, a break up, someone hurts us, we try to pursue a dream but it doesn’t seems as if we’re making any headway, we get a challenging boss, our church lets us down, family members hurt us, etc. And we all know that life isn’t fair, but often, when it looks like something is being done to us, it’s actually being done for us.

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