Seele Contributors


"Bind them on your fingers; write them on the table of your heart"...


Ally Portee, Founder & Editor-In-Chief

Born, bred and raised in South Carolina, USA, Ally has lived in Spain, England, and Germany.

You will often find in life that challenges and high moments, valleys and peaks occur in cycles. When you come out of a season of pain and hurt, you will walk into a season of overflow and joy. This is how God often works. And it was in a season of extreme pain and challenge in 2012 that Seele Magazine was born, but not in the form that you see it now. Seele started off as encouraging text messages to Ally's friends in 2013, and now it's an online magazine.

Ally is a Communications Consultant, she writes, she travels, she loves cooking for friends, and loves teaching the Bible when she can. In Berlin she led a Propel Women chapter.

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Ben Mack, Contributor

After living for several years in Europe, Ben pursued a lifelong dream and moved to New Zealand. An Auckland-based writer, his work has appeared in Business Insider, the Sunday Star-Times, The Press, Villainesse, Idealog, Deutsche Welle, The Local Sweden, and more. He can be found on Twitter @benmack_nz.

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Rebekah Mazzei, Contributor

Rebekah holds a Bachelor Degree with honors in Pastoral Christian Studies from Christ for the Nations Bible College, along with certifications in Child and Family Studies. She currently holds a position in the corporate world where she reviews, audits, and administrates proposals and contracts for the electrical energy sector with private and public corporations in North America. Rebekah has been a mentor to teenage and young adult girls and is an active volunteer at her church and in her community. With her public service and business experience, Rebekah brings a multi-faceted perspective to breaking social norms and walking in the identity and purpose set by Christ.

Rebekah is passionate about bringing awareness and education to the next generation about walking in purpose and understanding the function of the Holy Spirit. Rebekah believes that by all doing our small part and using our unique gifts and strengths, we can equip history makers for the next generation.

Thomasena Thomas, Contributor

Thomasena Thomas is the Owner, Operator, and Baker of FairyCakessc. In 2016 Thomasena competed in the Miss South Carolina pageant. As a high school student, Thomasena built a successful business, which she maintains as university student. She fell in live with baking from watching her mother bake, and being born into an entrepreneurial family attributed to her starting her business. A certified culinary chef, along with her baking skills, enabled Thomasena to become the recipient of the Disney Dreamers Academy, sponsored by Steve Harvey and Essence Magazine. Thomas stays active in various forums and organizations in South Carolina, while she is completing her BA degree.