Episode 6- Radio Show Host, Meta Washington Talks Radio, Her Work, and Serving

Meta Washington is a radio host on Kirk Franklin's gospel music channel on Sirius radio. Seven days a week she in the studio in Rockefeller Center in Manhattan. Meta has been a music lover since she was a child and spent her free time in record stores quizzing the clerks about various artists. Today, she combines that love of music with her love of God.

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Episode 5- British Actor Tommy Hatto Talks to Seele

Tommy Hatto is a British actor. He stumbled into acting. It wasn't something he dreamed of doing, and by stumbling into it, he has landed roles in movies like Marvel's second Thor and Fast & Furious 8. He has worked with JLo and has a movie coming out later this year starring Samuel L. Jackson.

Tommy opens up a how he got into acting, working in the business, modeling, and being British and Thai.

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Episode 2- Building an Art Line Business from Scratch- Penny McPeak Tells All

Penny & Lucy Lou Art started in May 2013 when owner and artist, Penny McPeak along with her pooch, Lucy Lou launched, built www.pennyandlucylou.com and began taking her photography to the next level. Penny opens up about what led her to start a business, the pros and cons of being an entrepreneur, what her art line offers, and her Christian faith. 

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