Episode 10- A Pre C2C Chat With Trio Runaway June

Runaway June 2.jpg

#SeeleFoodPodcast and Seele Magazine Editor, Ally chats with Runaway June is a Country Music trio, @runawayjuneofficial made up of Jennifer Wayne, Naomi Cooke and Hannah Mulholland. Jennifer is the granddaughter of actor, John Wayne. They have been called the “Dixie Chicks for a new generation.” The band’s hit single “Lipstick” made them the first all-female trio to earn a top 25 hit on the country charts in a decade and with their new single “Wild West” hitting the airwaves.

Their name is interesting. June is a month that means something to all of them, it’s sentimental. And Runaway, comes from the fact that they left their homes in California and Florida to pursue their love, Country Music.

The group will support Carrie Underwood on her Cry Pretty Tour 360 beginning in May 2019

I sat down with them on Thursday at BMG record studio in London to talk about their music and their current performances at the C2C Music festival happening now at the 02 London area.