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Episode 12- Lainey Wilson Talks Her Music, Her UK Fans, Faith, and Returning to the UK in the Fall

Lainey Wilson gets you with her distinct Southern drawl. It’s the first thing that you notice about her. Lainey’s music, from the tunes to the lyrics are honest and relatable, but also full of grit. I met up with Lainey after C2C and we talked music, her fans in London, and women artists that inspire her.

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Episode 5- British Actor Tommy Hatto Talks to Seele

Tommy Hatto is a British actor. He stumbled into acting. It wasn't something he dreamed of doing, and by stumbling into it, he has landed roles in movies like Marvel's second Thor and Fast & Furious 8. He has worked with JLo and has a movie coming out later this year starring Samuel L. Jackson.

Tommy opens up a how he got into acting, working in the business, modeling, and being British and Thai.

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